The Two Stages

For every live communication, whether a conference, summit, forum, gala dinner, awards, party, away day, product launch or convention we talk about the two “stages”: The emotional stage and the physical stage.

The Emotional Stage

“What do you want your people to do or think differently as a result of your communication?”

This is the element of your communication requirement that overarches everything. We listen closely to your answers to the question above and then work with you to create an environment that positively affects the attitudes and therefore behaviours of your delegates.

We design stage sets, speaker support, print and conference collateral. Our designers are skilled in PowerPoint, Keynote, Photoshop.

We film your people or products with our broadcast cameras and edit suites. From a short “vox pop” to a dramatic conference opening video, we know how to get the best from this powerful medium.

We coach presenters in being the best that they can be. We have clients who only allow their people to present if we have spent time with them, honing their skills.

We create words and music that help deliver the essence of your communication. It may be a few key phrases or a complete script. It may be the conference theme music or walk up stings. These are the things that make a difference
We design and deliver creative team activities. Check out our site at
We manage the logistics so you don’t have to! You can attend your own conference.



Andy Rowe

DES can provide the spectacle to deliver your message

Andy Rowe

Event organisers in Berkshire and the Thames Valley
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